Animal Skin Rugs – Timeless Classics for Your Home

cowhide-rugsAnimal skin rugs offer many benefits to homeowners who choose to furnish their homes with these items. These include items like cowhide rugs, sheepskin rugs, and reindeer skin rugs. All of these animal skin rugs have the benefit of offering durability and long-lasting beauty to the homes in which they are used.

When comparing these types of rugs with synthetic rugs, it is easy to see that people with allergies may have a much easier time living in homes with animal skin rugs. Cow skin rugs, for instance, are hypoallergenic and do not keep pollen trapped inside. Dust will still gather on these rugs but they are easier to clean. Simply shaking a cowhide rug outside, for example, will get rid of any dust that accumulates. Rugs made out of cow hide also provide a unique and slightly old-fashioned look to any room it occupies. Those who are concerned about use of animal hides for furnishings will be comforted to know that cow skin rugs are frequently made from the hides of cows that are being processed for meat.

Rugs made from reindeer hides have some of the same qualities as cowhide rugs in that they are also hypoallergenic and can be cared for easily. They also are wonderfully insulating and can be waterproofed so that they can also be used outdoors. The versatility of these rugs are another selling point. They can be utilized not only on the floors of a home but also on the walls or on furniture. All of these applications can contribute to a feeling of rustic and cozy elegance in the home.

Rugs made from sheepskins are very soft and comfortable. They can be used as throw rugs throughout the floor of a home. These rugs can provide a retro feel inside a home. They also are offered in many different colors, which are a strong selling point for people who are concerned about making sure their rugs match their home’s décor. Pink, purple, violet, and red are some of the more unusual colors offered. A sheepskin rug can be used as a throw for a bed, as well, and children especially will love the softness and bright coloring. Beds designed for dogs and cats are useful, but they can trap pet dander and other allergens. A sheepskin rug used instead of these pet beds is much friendlier for allergy-prone individuals. Your pets will also love the soft texture of these items.